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How Do I register to myschool materials.com?

Can I upload another person's project material(s) without their permission?

When I order for a material, how long does it take before the material will be sent to me?

How can I upload my project material?

How do I get money from my projects?

I can't upload my passport photograph. What can I do?

Why is my email needed?

What percentage am I entitled to earn when anyone buys my material?

Can I create more than one account?

Why is my phone number needed?

Can I transfer my account to someone else?

My Picture won't upload. It says file size is larger than the specified file size. What do I do?

How do I resize my passport photo to the correct dimension?

What browsers are best to use?

I lost my username or password, how can I get a new one?

My department is not listed. What can I do?

I have diverse qualifications and professional backgrounds. Can I upload more than one material?

I can't find a suitable material or program. What can I do?

Can I ask for a refund of money after I have made payment for any material?

Can I upload an incomplete material?

I have just registered. I do not know how my schoolmaterials.com can benefit me

What type of information do I need to provide during registration?

Can I update my data after registration?

I live in the diasporal. In the event that I do not wish to use the recommended naira currency, what can I do?

I am a programmer and I wish to join the myschoolmaterials programming team. How can I join?

I didn't see a welcome mail from myschoolmaterials when I registered. How can I get it?

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